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North American
  • A window at the front of the passenger compartment of a motor vehicle.

    British term windscreen

    ‘The attendant was looking in the broad front windshield as he hurried to the driver's window.’
    • ‘It was air-conditioned, it was all windshield and window so the operator has a good view of things.’
    • ‘The floor to ceiling front windshield serves as the primary entry and exit door.’
    • ‘Although not as directly exposed as Koreans are, the Japanese complain about the dust and the brown rain that streaks their windshields and windows.’
    • ‘The grenade flew into my window, hit the windshield, landed on the radio between me and my buddy.’
    • ‘The interests of ordinary people, however, are hardly served by smashing the windshields and shop windows of downtown Montreal.’
    • ‘But Irzal added the decree could not immediately be implemented as the administration needed time to distribute stickers bearing the plate numbers to be attached to vehicles' front and rear windshields.’
    • ‘So new front windshields are treated to absorb harmful rays, though carmakers don't usually coat side and rear windows.’
    • ‘Amy was staring out the front windshield at the scorched land before her.’
    • ‘Instead he stared out the front windshield of my Mercedes as if seeing the Interstate for the first time.’
    • ‘Jim parked the truck and glanced out through the windshield at the front of the building.’
    • ‘He looked through the windshield at the front entrance of the mall and tried to think.’
    • ‘The windshield in front of the gun sight looked like a cobweb with a small hole in the center.’
    • ‘You should place your parking pass in the front windshield to avoid getting ticketed.’
    • ‘From front and side windshields, to tire wells and the engine compartment itself, nothing has been left unexplored when it comes to finding new ways to ensure a quieter driving experience.’
    • ‘The all-weather cab of the 560C Skidder has high-visibility Lexan windshields and windows for greater operator comfort.’
    • ‘Chen Tsai-fu was criticized because of his failure to notice that a bullet had gone through the windshield in front of him.’
    • ‘Chris hopped in the car and inspected the bullet hole in the front windshield.’
    • ‘When the blower came loose, it broke the body, windshield, and intake manifold.’
    • ‘Imagine trying to count the raindrops on your car's windshield after a light rain.’



/ˈwin(d)ˌSHēld/ /ˈwɪn(d)ˌʃild/