Definition of Windsor knot in English:

Windsor knot


  • A large, loose triangular knot in a necktie, produced by making extra turns when tying.

    • ‘From a dressy Windsor knot to sporty Samosa knot, these consultants are here to teach.’
    • ‘After I've learnt the Windsor knot, maybe I should get lessons in chopstick management?’
    • ‘The Planet Fashion stores are staffed with tie consultants to help customers understand and learn the various tie-knots, from the dressy Windsor knot to the sport Samosa knot.’
    • ‘If you're looking for something a little more assertive, try the half-Windsor knot, a modest version of the Windsor knot.’
    • ‘The results explain why the Windsor knot is wider than the four-in-hand knot.’
    • ‘The cut-away collars that accommodate fat Windsor knots are giving way to fuller cuts that pinch in neatly under the tie with the use of tabs or poppers.’
    • ‘At an age when our parents had kids, careers and collars that were rarely seen outside, unless chaperoned by a Windsor knot, the current generation of middle youth is reluctant to let go of childhood icons and grasp adult responsibilities.’
    • ‘It begins with a history of the tie, from its first documented instance as part of the uniform of the first Chinese Emperor's army to Frank Sinatra (he favoured a Windsor knot).’
    • ‘I do remember listening to Pink Floyd and sipping excellent whisky at about 2am whilst some of the group tried to show the rest of us how to tie a Full Windsor knot.’
    • ‘I set forth with a naked eyebrow and a clumsy Windsor knot.’
    • ‘The classical Windsor knot makes a comeback, in a modified form, minus that dimple below the knot, for a straight fall.’
    • ‘The bridegroom wore a tuxedo by Hugo Boss, with a red Windsor knot tie and matching waistcoat.’
    • ‘The Windsor knot was to British style what the fall of Singapore was to British arms.’
    • ‘In general, the four-in-hand works better with a shirt with a straight collar, while the half and full Windsor knots work better with a spread or English spread collar.’
    • ‘He was wearing a suit, his tie in one of those enormous Windsor knots, but his trademark red beard was scraggly as always.’
    • ‘While Mr. Russo didn't care for the man's paisley necktie she wore flawlessly tied in a Windsor knot, he approved of the way her own long blonde hair was held neatly back from her face by barrettes.’
    • ‘It's a great time to appreciate Dad for years of service - teaching you to drive a stick, helping you buy your first home, or even showing you how to work a Windsor knot on your very own tie.’
    • ‘Oyama enjoys not only styling men, but educating those who need help with details like selecting complementing colors or tying an effective Windsor knot.’
    • ‘He flipped up the collar of his shirt and tied a Windsor knot, then patted the tie and his collar flat again.’
    • ‘The few pounds he's added to his mainframe actually fill out his jacket while the crisp white shirt and stout simple double Windsor knot certainly make him look more pressed and polished.’


Windsor knot