Definition of wineberry in English:


nounplural noun wineberries

  • 1A bristly deciduous shrub native to China and Japan, producing scarlet berries used in cooking.

    Rubus phoenicolasius, family Rosaceae

    ‘East of the School of Forestry is what Peter terms a West Coast garden with rimu, kanuka, mountain beech, coprosma, nikau, wineberry, native fuchsia, pohutukawa, and ferns.’
    • ‘Other than giant forest trees, you'll find abundant barberry, winged Euonymus, Oriental bittersweet, Japanese wineberry, and shrub and vine honeysuckles.’
    • ‘Like other brambles in its genus, wineberry forms a clump of arching canes that may reach nine feet in length.’
    • ‘I recall finding wineberries growing in damp shade in a small park in northeast Georgia, but never considered growing them here.’
    • ‘Other small fruits include plantings of brambles (three varieties of blackberries, four of raspberries, plus wineberries or ‘Japanese raspberries’), grapes (three varieties), blueberries (nine, each a different variety), and strawberries.’
    1. 1.1The fruit of the wineberry bush.
      ‘Blueberries and wineberries ripen in July and red raspberries are available beginning in August.’
      • ‘Look for wineberries in thickets, fields, edges of woods or trails, in moist soil throughout the northeast.’
      • ‘Picking season begins June 15 with black raspberries first, then blackberries, blueberries and wineberries ripen next.’
      • ‘As wineberries ripen, the calyxes spread to reveal the berries within.’
      • ‘For an unusual alternative to raspberries, Japanese wineberries are well worth a try.’



/ˈwīnˌberē/ /ˈwaɪnˌbɛri/