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wing tip

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(also wingtip)
  • 1The tip of the wing of an aircraft, bird, or other animal.

    ‘We flew through overcasts in formation, wing tip to wing tip, coming out on top to see a beautiful white blanket brightened by the blazing sun.’
    • ‘It was common practice to find a ladder at the wing tip of the aircraft, as well as a fire bottle and some AGE equipment.’
    • ‘These tail fin tip vortices have been interpreted to be analogous to wing tip vortices of aircraft.’
    • ‘The eyewitness states, ‘The craft was very large with white lights along the leading edge; and the distance from wing tip to wing tip was roughly 250 to 300 feet.’’
    • ‘I recall seeing the aircraft shudder, then pull wing tip streamers as his prop wash shook the tree tops.’
    • ‘It measured just over 12 metres from wing tip to wing tip.’
    • ‘It wasn't enough to fly under the Red River Bridge in Louisiana wing tip to wing tip, but they did it upside-down.’
    • ‘Needless to say, having the wing tip that low to the ground called for extreme concentration but, on one turn, I looked up and saw the film crew looking down at me.’
    • ‘Throughout the long night, the Clipper flew onward with wing tip navigation lights flashing red and green to compete with the mass of twinkling stars.’
    • ‘The wing tip was composed of the tip proper and the tip cap at the extreme outboard end.’
    • ‘We will also be smoothing the wing surface and adding a new wing tip treatment.’
    • ‘Along with the wing tip lights, the lights on the vertical are also being examined.’
    • ‘His NASA team worked to measure gasses in the upper atmosphere by aiming a laser beam out an airplane window to the wing tip.’
    • ‘Ken related, ‘I could see our wing tip getting higher and higher on the left side.’’
    • ‘This structural reinforcement of the major veins may have a mechanical role, possibly related to the phenomenon of wing tip deflection during flight at the end of the downstroke.’
    • ‘We slipped her out over the grass to avoid landing on the hard surface and made a very smooth landing on one wheel and one wing tip.’
    • ‘An example of a lofted shape is an airplane wing, where you start off with a large section at the fuselage and generate smaller and smaller sections toward the wing tip.’
    • ‘The Dakotas suffered wing tip damage while the aero club aircraft were ‘significantly’ damaged when they broke from their moorings.’
    • ‘The hydraulically retracted wing tip floats were similar in construction to the hull.’
    • ‘Moving the radiators to wing tip pods created a cooling problem while on the ground because the radiators were out of the prop blast.’
  • 2North American A shoe with a toe cap having a backward extending point and curving sides, resembling the shape of a wing.

    ‘I watched, in mute fascination, as the black wingtip shoe sliced through the air.’
    • ‘As if to reassure myself, I glanced down at my school uniform: at the polished black wingtip shoes, the freshly ironed khaki trousers, the crisp white button-down shirt, the silk navy colored tie, and the sharp navy colored suit jacket.’
    • ‘Ray was, of course, dressed in the standard Gordon Bailey uniform: white button down shirt, navy suit jacket, navy tie, khaki trousers, black wingtip shoes.’
    • ‘But between the way he dressed and carried himself and those wingtip shoes, I thought he was the biggest man in the world.’
    • ‘Farther down the sidewalk, Gilbert spies some leather wing tips in a shop window.’


wing tip

/ˈwiNG ˌtip/ /ˈwɪŋ ˌtɪp/