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(also wingspread)
  • The maximum extent across the wings of an aircraft or of a bird or other flying animal, measured from tip to tip.

    ‘an eagle with a wingspan of 7 ft’
    • ‘With their stately stature, wingspreads as broad as eight feet, loud calls, and elaborate courtship dances, cranes are among the most impressive birds in the world.’
    • ‘The adult is a pretty moth about 1 inch long with a wingspread of 1 1/2 inches; in its northern range, it may be only 1/2 inch long.’
    • ‘Females weigh about 2 pounds with a wingspread of 40 to 46 inches, while a male will weigh in at about 1 ½ pounds and span just 37 to 39 inches, roughly the size of a crow.’
    • ‘The air vehicle is a low wing monoplane with a wingspan of 3.42m, length 2.29m and height 0.96m.’
    • ‘They include the largest known bats; Indonesian flying foxes may have wingspans of up to six feet (two meters).’
    • ‘The American White Pelican is a huge white bird with a nine-foot wingspan.’
    • ‘It was a supreme moment when a wandering albatross, the bird with the largest wingspan of any bird, arrived!’
    • ‘The hydrogen-fueled aircraft has a wingspan of approximately 5 feet, measures 12 feet long and weighs about 2,800 pounds.’
    • ‘The Andean condor, one of the world's largest flying birds, soars on ten-foot (three-meter) wingspans and can weigh up to 33 pounds.’
    • ‘The surface area of the wings is tremendous and the wingspan large, but the relative length of the fuselage is shorter than most other aircraft of its era.’
    • ‘With a 500-foot wingspan, the aircraft is designed to fly at just 20 feet above the sea, giving it a longer range - up to 10,000 nautical miles over water.’
    • ‘With a three-foot wingspan and two long, streaming tail feathers, these birds are easy to recognize.’
    • ‘To be surrounded by dozens of squawking, hissing sea birds with 10 ft wingspans was one thing, but add to that a pod of 600 acrobatic dusky dolphins and you had a wildlife spectacle to rival anything on earth.’
    • ‘The presence of a bird with a wingspan of around 1.5m must have been very distressing.’
    • ‘Experts on the red kite - a spectacular bird with a wingspan of up to 6ft - say it is essentially a scavenger which feeds on carrion rather than attacking sheep or game birds.’
    • ‘Swans are large birds with a wingspan of four feet or more and although injuries to humans are rare they are not unknown.’
    • ‘Great teratorn birds with 25-foot wingspans stalked prey.’
    • ‘That would have been a huge wingspan for a bird, much less for a bat.’
    • ‘A substantial part of the lift generated by the forward-swept wing occurs at the inner portion of the wingspan.’
    • ‘With a wingspan of three feet or more, flying foxes are the largest mammals capable of sustained flight.’



/ˈwiNGˌspan/ /ˈwɪŋˌspæn/