Definition of winter cress in English:

winter cress


  • A bitter-tasting cress of north temperate regions.

    Genus Barbarea, family Brassicaceae: several species, in particular B. vulgaris

    ‘Like other members of the mustard family, common winter cress has served as a source of greens.’
    • ‘Here he presents six recipes for winter cress, including Winter Cress Kimchi and Winter Cress Potato Soup.’
    • ‘The bitterness of some greens such as winter cress and dandelion can be offset by cooking them with milder plants.’
    • ‘The American winter cress is distributed throughout the mainland.’
    • ‘With its strong mustard flavor, winter cress is best enjoyed as a pungent addition to green salads or steamed and sautéed with other less intense vegetable flavors.’


winter cress

/ˈwin(t)ər ˌkres/ /ˈwɪn(t)ər ˌkrɛs/