Definition of winter garden in English:

winter garden


  • 1A garden of plants, such as evergreens, that flourish in winter.

    ‘It now features for those who love flowers and plants rose gardens, a rock garden, an azalea garden, a rhododendron dell, an indoor winter garden, a Japanese garden and herbaceous borders.’
    • ‘Its 500 acres of gently undulating terrain feature formal gardens, an Asian heath garden, a winter garden and an ancient woodland.’
    • ‘Perfume to me is so much more important in a winter garden than a summer garden when the heat itself seems to bring forth all sorts of aromas from the atmosphere.’
    • ‘It had four dining rooms, one for each season, a winter garden and a summer garden.’
    • ‘Evergreens give structure to a winter garden much as do paths and walls.’
    • ‘There will be a pedestrian landscaped walkway connecting the Peace Gardens, the winter gardens and the circular register office known as the ‘wedding cake’.’
    • ‘Some really won't look bad in the winter, and will provide seeds for winter birds; seeing the birds in your winter garden will only cheer you up in January, so you want to encourage them to come around.’
    • ‘A long time proponent of winter food production, he assured me that my winter garden would not only work but would amaze me with the simplicity of its care and the perseverance of its plants.’
    • ‘Though few of us can accommodate a dedicated winter garden, we should all aim to include a few winter-scented plants in a scheme.’
    • ‘Rose hips provide winter color, texture and interest to an otherwise dull winter garden.’
    1. 1.1A conservatory in which flowers and other plants are grown in winter.
      ‘You enter at a middle level, looking up and down into a glass-roofed atrium used both for vertical circulation and as a winter garden in the months when the piazza is covered with snow.’
      • ‘A glass winter garden, known as The Menagerie, leads to the ballroom and the outdoors.’


winter garden

/ˈwin(t)ər ˈɡärdn/ /ˈwɪn(t)ər ˈɡɑrdn/