Definition of winter moth in English:

winter moth


  • A moth that emerges in the winter, the female of which has only vestigial wings. It was formerly a major pest of fruit trees.

    Several species in the family Geometridae

    ‘A 23-year study of great tits and winter moths at one site in the Netherlands revealed that by 1995, the early caterpillars were hatching about 9 days sooner and developing into moth pupae more quickly than they did in 1973.’
    • ‘Witch hazel takes advantage of the pollination services of winter moths of the genus Eupsilia, which are active in fall.’
    • ‘It will capture winter moths that climb into the canopy to lay eggs, thus preventing grubs attacking the flowers and foliage next spring.’


winter moth

/ˈwin(t)ər môTH/ /ˈwɪn(t)ər mɔθ/