Definition of winter sleep in English:

winter sleep

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  • Hibernation.

    ‘Life bustles around you, birds fight, build and procreate & flowers burst from their winter sleep and come alive with the most radiant shades of yellow, pink and purple.’
    • ‘A meat-based pet food and a bowl of fresh water should be sufficient to tide your resident hedgehog over after its long winter sleep.’
    • ‘The slightest gust sends showers of leaves pirouetting to the ground, victims of trees withdrawing their sap in preparation for winter sleep.’
    • ‘This process begins the new growing season and signals the end of dormancy, their period of winter sleep.’
    • ‘Fields of wheat reviving after a long winter sleep blew lightly in a chilled breeze of early spring.’


winter sleep

/ˈwin(t)ər slēp/ /ˈwɪn(t)ər slip/