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winter sports

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plural noun

  • Sports performed on snow or ice, such as skiing and ice skating.

    ‘Alternatively, you could try working for a winter-sports tour operator.’
    • ‘Look at a winter-sports magazine these days and you'd think every skier and boarder spends their whole holiday airborne - whether it's charging off 20 ft cliffs or pulling back-flips in a half-pipe.’
    • ‘In the historic town centre, skiing is kept at arm's length, and along its principal shopping street, Via Roma, you'll find grocers, wine merchants and local cafes rather than the usual winter-sports emporiums.’
    • ‘It's a ski town called Park City, and it lies only two canyons away: one of 12 separate ski areas within an easy drive of Salt Lake City, and the reason why, on a winter-sports trip to Utah, a hire car is essential.’
    • ‘So if you're one of those skiers or snowboarders who struggle to survive an entire northern hemisphere summer without a winter-sports fix, the Andes beckon.’
    • ‘The ultimate destination for winter-sports enthusiasts, this area offers some of the best skiing in the world.’
    • ‘The ranch's real specialty is injecting its wealth of adventure into dozens of packages, including hike-and-spa, weight-loss, and winter-sports options.’
    • ‘The company is one of several online businesses that provide information about the kind of lodging and equipment that's of particular interest to winter-sports enthusiasts.’
    • ‘Other popular winter sports include skiing, ice-skating, snowshoeing, and tobogganing.’
    • ‘Many people enjoy winter sports such as ice skating and skiing.’
    • ‘Established at the end of the 19th century as a hunting village for the Bulgarian kings, Borovets is now renowned for skiing and winter sports.’
    • ‘Snowshoeing is the only winter sport to experience growth in 2002.’
    • ‘Skiing is Austria's leading winter sport, followed by ice skating and tobogganing.’
    • ‘At 7,200 feet, snow is not an issue at Badger Pass, Yosemite's family-oriented ski and winter sports area.’
    • ‘It was while on a sailing course with the man who ran bobsleighing for the RAF that she first stumbled upon winter sports.’
    • ‘Favorite winter sports include cross-country and downhill skiing, and long-distance skating.’
    • ‘Scientists at the base hosted members of the ship's company taking them up into the mountains for an afternoon of winter sports, skiing and tobogganing.’
    • ‘Has an Israeli winter sports athlete ever won an Olympic, European or world championship medal?’
    • ‘Exposing ourselves to the possibility of hypothermia didn't seem like the ideal way to teach the kids about the joy of winter sports, so we turned back.’
    • ‘Christenson, an avid winter sports enthusiast, cautions against the long-term effects of UV exposure.’


winter sports

/ˌwin(t)ər ˈspôrts/ /ˌwɪn(t)ər ˈspɔrts/