Definition of wipe out in English:

wipe out

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phrasal verb

  • 1wipe something out, wipe out somethingEliminate something completely.

    ‘their life savings were wiped out’
    • ‘the dairy industry there has been all but wiped out in recent years’
    • ‘I think what you need to consider is the possibility of wiping that debt out completely - your number of $200 billion is correct.’
    • ‘Fortunately, there are thousands of scientists working all over the world probing this disease - its roots and mechanisms - in order to wipe it out once and for all.’
    • ‘If you punish bad behavior, the net effect is not, as intended, to wipe it out - but, instead, to drive it underground and inadvertently entrench it.’
    • ‘The treatment stopped the cancer within a week, completely wiping it out in some animals.’
    • ‘The protagonist, of course, has the job of tracking down the source of this virus and wiping it out.’
    1. 1.1wipe someone out, wipe out someoneKill a large number of people.
      ‘the plague had wiped out whole villages’
      • ‘the first corps attacked and was wiped out’
      • ‘If we don't co-operate with them, they kill us, wipe us out of existence.’
      • ‘Then we will be able to massacre them, and wipe them out while they are at their weakest.’
      • ‘We don't relish the thought of destroying innocents, wiping out cultures.’
      destroy, annihilate, eradicate, eliminate, extirpate
    2. 1.2wipe someone out, wipe out someoneRuin someone financially.
      ‘apple growers in the next county were wiped out by hail this year’
      • ‘If American Golf declared bankruptcy, he could be wiped out financially.’
      • ‘Reports that Laura has wiped Bruno out financially are, says Warren, nonsense. ‘He's got plenty of money left, whatever people wrote about his divorce settlement.’
      • ‘One of these lawsuits finally wiped him out financially.’
      • ‘By the time the company filed for bankruptcy, she was wiped out, losing more than $65,000 from her 401, another $80,000 in stock options, and more than $65,000 in severance pay to which she was entitled.’
      • ‘After the ‘tech bubble‘burst, they were wiped out; her subsequent prayers for financial sustenance were loud and clear.’
  • 2wipe someone out, wipe out someoneinformal Exhaust someone.

    • ‘this first day back at work has wiped me out’
  • 3informal Be capsized by a wave while surfing.

    • ‘always try to surf the big wave but be prepared to wipe out’
    1. 3.1North American Fall over or off a vehicle.
      • ‘she wiped out on some wet grass and hurt her shoulder’