Definition of wipeout in English:


Pronunciation /ˈwīpˌout/ /ˈwaɪpˌaʊt/

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  • 1informal An instance of complete destruction.

    • ‘a nuclear wipeout’
    • ‘And with an entire community having sprouted along the river, there is no doubt that the next flood will be a complete wipeout.’
    • ‘One consequence was the virtual wipeout of Mexico's small farmers by a flood of subsidized U.S. food imports.’
    1. 1.1A complete failure.
      • ‘Facing a potential cross-country wipeout on Tuesday, Edwards decided that a winning smile and a passionate stump speech were not enough to save his candidacy.’
      • ‘He faced fatigue, dehydration, French citizens, crashes, and near wipeout during the grueling 2,130-mile race.’
      • ‘For a fledgling company, attempting to staff a 24-7 live-help operation seems brashly ambitious, if not a sure path to wipeout.’
      • ‘However, if you wipeout you lose it all (or don't do anything for a while and it's added to your point total).’
      • ‘The alternative could be wipeout for them and for shareholders.’
    2. 1.2The obliteration of one radio signal by another.
    3. 1.3A fall from a surfboard.
      • ‘He experienced the best and the worst of Pipeline with a perfect 10, a handful of hideous wipeouts and broken surfboards.’
      • ‘Combine ceiling high sets with powerful rip currents and Rockaway's notorious, shifty, ledgy peaks, and the stage was set for some serious ripping… and brutal wipeouts.’
      • ‘Wear a wetsuit that won't blow open in severe wipeouts.’
      • ‘The closing minutes of the first semifinal heat saw a strong set, some jumbled take-offs and a few crowd-pleasing wipeouts.’
      • ‘Arms and legs grow stiff in the chilly water, paddling becomes hard, wipeouts and swims brutal.’