Definition of with a bang in English:

with a bang


  • 1Abruptly.

    ‘the remark brought me down to earth with a bang’
    • ‘After last week's great win over Camlough Rovers, Bessbrook United were brought down to earth with a bang when Kilkeel Athletic held them to a 3-3 draw.’
    • ‘Luckily, London has a canny knack of bringing you back down to earth with a bang and ensuring you don't get unbearably maudlin - take, for instance, yesterday's weepy moment.’
    • ‘RI's title rivals, Malton and Norton, fell to earth with a bang following the euphoria they enjoyed after their Tetley's Bitter Vase semi-final win last week.’
    • ‘Weybridge golfer Paul Casey, ranked 29th in the world, came down to earth with a bang in the Open last week when he failed to make the cut for the final two rounds.’
    • ‘I will always remember the 1990s as the decade in which the mythologicals came down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘Fifty five years is a long time to wait for a repeat and both men are confident that this mighty English team can be brought down to earth with a bang on Sunday.’
    • ‘He certainly brought Frenchman Sebastien Grosjean down to earth with a bang in the semi-finals.’
    • ‘We have paid the penalty for not being prepared and we have been brought down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘Next up was Arsenal and we were brought back down to earth with a bang and a 2-1 defeat.’
    • ‘‘We've come right back down to earth with a bang,’ he said.’
    • ‘And who knows, if we have another extended bout of irrational exuberance, how high the shares might climb before coming back to earth with a bang?’
    • ‘Now, that bought me back down to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘It's back down to Earth with a bang for the Performance Workshop's latest production, however.’
    • ‘An exuberant Mozilla Foundation has been brought back down to earth with a bang by the world's internet organisations.’
    • ‘However, he failed to impress Bobby Williamson sufficiently, returning to earth with a bang.’
    • ‘In a season when British Athletics crashed back to earth with a bang after the successes of Sydney, she was one of the few to illuminate a disappointing year.’
    • ‘Bypassing Byzantine state restrictions would open up competition with a bang… and most certainly lead to dramatic reductions in insurance costs.’
    • ‘He was dumped like hot potato after his first film flopped but he came with a bang with ‘Chandni Bar’ and established himself with ‘Satta’.’
    • ‘Ms Del Duca left with a bang, accusing council of ‘staff problems’ and ‘citizens still not getting the service’.’
  • 2Impressively or spectacularly.

    ‘the occasion went with a bang’
    • ‘the day starts with a bang—the steep climb to the mountain top’
    • ‘Pyrotechnic specialists Pa-Boom will round off the celebrations with a bang by providing a spectacular display of sound and smoke.’
    • ‘Earlier, the Boxing Day card started with a bang as McCoy and Doumen treated spectators to an epic tussle.’
    • ‘Since beginning their season with a bang and four successive wins, the Minstermen have seen their form and fortune dip, rise and dip again.’
    • ‘The fundraising evening held in aid of the Southern Area Hospice Services turned out to be a brilliant success and proceeded to start the annual charity efforts with a bang.’
    • ‘The concept is so original and it started with a bang, the audience being welcomed to the occasion one by one with some amusing improvisation.’
    • ‘And the only thing you can do, if you leave ‘American Idol,’ is go out with a bang, and I think that he definitely, definitely did that.’
    • ‘I even thought 2003 had come in with a bang when a smooch on New Year's Eve progressed to a steamy taxi ride back to my folks' house, who heard nothing of our hanky-pankying.’
    • ‘Linda Jones, the university's enterprise director, said: ‘We're sorry to see the old building go but at least we can make sure that it departs with a bang.’’
    • ‘They may have started the competition with a bang, but South Korea's women's coach, Won Geo Seo, played down the importance of their record-breaking achievements.’
    • ‘With a whole slew of new crew alliances, nights, guest DJs, clubs and parties to talk about, Montreal has started the year with a bang, so let's cut to the chase and get down to the nitty-gritty.’
    • ‘It sure opens with a bang: Detroit Rock City, the boys clomping around the stage to that ageless opening riff, the orchestra blasting horns and sawing fiddles like enraged monkeys.’
    • ‘Local groups Detox and Catch 22 will get the night's entertainment off with a bang at approximately 8.30 pm for what should prove a highly entertaining night.’
    • ‘We are coming back with a bang and I know everyone will really like our new songs’.’
    • ‘The 2004/2005 pheasant shoot will begin with a bang.’
    • ‘To begin with a bang: Members are informed that the recording of the much-awaited project - Thiruvasakam in Symphony - in Hungary was over.’
    • ‘In October, Miller kicked off the current season with a bang, nailing a win in the giant slalom at Sölden, Austria, by more than a second - a huge margin.’
    • ‘If we go out we are determined to go out with a bang.’
    • ‘It probably means a little bit more to Ian than a normal game because he wants to start with a bang.’