Definition of witherite in English:



  • A rare white mineral consisting of barium carbonate, occurring especially in veins with galena.

    ‘The mining of nonmetallic ores - fluorspar, witherite, and barite (known locally as baryte) - in the Northern Pennines began about the time lead and iron mining were in serious decline.’
    • ‘The most common ores of barium are barite and witherite.’
    • ‘Other carbonates, i.e., ankerite, siderite, witherite, strontianite, may form if the respective metal cations are available.’
    • ‘The mine was reopened in 1896 and worked by a succession of owners for witherite and barite until 1919.’
    • ‘Electron micrographs revealed that the sheets and filaments were composed of densely packed colloidal rods of twinned witherite crystals interspersed and coated with silica.’



/ˈwiT͟Həˌrīt/ /ˈwɪðəˌraɪt/


Late 18th century from the name of William Withering (1741–99), the English physician and scientist who first described it, + -ite.