Definition of witness stand in English:

witness stand

(British witness box)

Pronunciation /ˈwɪtnəs/


  • The place in a court where a witness stands to give evidence.

    ‘They involve each claimant getting into the witness box and giving evidence as to what happened to them.’
    • ‘His evidence in the witness box that these references to a loan were ‘ironic’ cannot be accepted.’
    • ‘Yesterday, Hughes went into the witness box at Nottingham Crown Court to support his own not guilty plea.’
    • ‘Both the complainant and the defendant were in the witness box over two days.’
    • ‘The victim cried repeatedly in the witness box at York Crown Court as she described how Volans kicked her in the head after coming to her house.’
    • ‘On the second day of the hearing Mr Sissen spent over four hours in the witness box giving evidence on the origins of each of the 144 birds.’
    • ‘But in the witness box at Manchester Crown Court, Salim said there was no truth in the woman's claims.’
    • ‘On Wednesday, Dainty became the first of the three councillors to go into the witness box at Nottingham Crown Court.’
    • ‘The boy, now a man, nearly broke down in the witness box as he gave evidence.’
    • ‘The jury had seen the three complainants in the witness box for an extensive period.’
    • ‘The situation here was precisely the same evidentially as if Gilbert had not gone into the witness box and had not pleaded guilty.’
    • ‘In the witness box, it was evident that she could not accept the psychologist's conclusions.’
    • ‘Having heard Juke in the witness box we are sure that his evidence would not have raised doubts in the jury's minds as to the guilt of either defendant.’
    • ‘Mr Saffron gave the evidence, and gave it in the witness box, as well as in his written statement.’
    • ‘An accomplice can get into the witness box and give a whole lot of evidence that is common ground.’
    • ‘I was concerned by the degree of animosity displayed in the witness box by the respondent to the applicant.’
    • ‘He accepted that in the witness box and was supporting the Claimant because he felt she had the right to try.’
    • ‘The first prosecution witness, Miss Louise Papps, is called to the witness box.’
    • ‘Her strength of character was evident during her time in the witness box.’
    • ‘The grey shirt with orange arms was held up in evidence in the witness box and displayed to the seven women and five men of the jury.’