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  • Shriveled or wrinkled with age.

    ‘a wizened, weather-beaten old man’
    • ‘His wizened and wrinkled face and his long, flowing beard contrasted sharply with the aura of power that seemed to flow from him.’
    • ‘In a flash of light, Aidan shriveled to a wizened old man of about 3 feet tall.’
    • ‘She returned later that day in the back of a police car to find two very grey old people, now wizened and wrinkly after the experience.’
    • ‘Several portraits feature beautiful faces, some with deeply lined, wizened countenances.’
    • ‘Gnarled and wizened but full of life, they light every page on which they appear.’
    • ‘Mr. Edwards appeared to be some type of shrew, but a wizened, shrunken shell of one.’
    • ‘His wrinkles overlapped his pox scars, giving him a wizened wizard look.’
    • ‘The first time I saw Wiwin, she looked like a wizened old woman, with wrinkly, hairy skin and big, unblinking eyes.’
    • ‘He is two years old but his face is that of a wizened old man, his hair sparse and patched.’
    • ‘A wizened man in white shirt and white tucked-up dhoti, with a dark green headcloth, put thatch on the roof of the beachside pavilion.’
    • ‘In my view, however, the wizened polymath did well.’
    • ‘He was better pleased with the rounded amplitudes of the Danae and the Venuses painted for him by Titian, than by El Greco's wizened male nudes the colour of fog.’
    • ‘Cory introduced himself to the first person he spied, a wizened old woman on a stool at the door, meticulously cutting thin strips of leather.’
    • ‘No longer the bendy punk-rappers of yesteryear, slightly wizened where they were once wiry, not even these boys can hide from adulthood any more.’
    • ‘The wizened old men are bracing themselves for the coming conflict.’
    • ‘If you go to the harbour, there are wizened old ladies selling beautiful hand-made lace and tablecloths for a fraction of what they'd cost back home.’
    • ‘Ray Caesar creates fantastical, grimly hopeful and gravely whimsical images of wizened children who radiate an enigmatic serenity.’
    • ‘We've just reached the summit of Pendle Hill in Lancashire when the image of the three wizened witches from Macbeth skips across my mind's eye.’
    • ‘You can almost see him as a wizened woman, too arthritic to stand over a pot with a spoon, but quite capable of directing from a chair in the corner.’
    • ‘The ancient waiting-woman bows her head in awe, and a flicker of unfamiliar happiness crosses the deeply wizened depths of her face.’
    wrinkled, lined, creased, shrivelled, shrivelled up, withered, weather-beaten, thin, shrunken, gnarled, dried up, worn, wasted
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/ˈwizənd/ /ˈwɪzənd/


Early 16th century past participle of archaic wizen ‘shrivel’, of Germanic origin.