Definition of wood sage in English:

wood sage


  • A yellow-flowered European plant of the mint family, growing in dry shady places.

    another term for germander

    Teucrium scorodonia, family Labiatae

    ‘By the time the wood sage is in full bloom, summer has begun in earnest.’
    • ‘As Dave says, we must somehow establish the exact relationship with wood sage even prove there is one and elucidate the larval prey species.’
    • ‘Rabbits do not eat bracken or mature wood sage, so this, along with the plants’ competitive nature, explains their distribution all over the island.’
    • ‘On this northern coast, the beach is a swath of sand, and a long path up through a hill of stones, bearberry and in summer, wood sage and lupine.’
    • ‘The field layer is very poor except for mosses, wood sage, bramble, heath wood-rush, rosebay willowherb, enchanter's nightshade, tormentil, wood meadow-grass and common bent are all occasional.’
    • ‘Cow-wheat, wood sage and sweet vernal grass are typical in this region.’


wood sage

/wo͝od sāj/ /wʊd seɪdʒ/