Definición de woodpile en inglés


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  • A stack of wood stored for fuel.

    ‘She stacked several armloads of wood from the woodpile near the door next to the stove and warmed her hands.’
    • ‘By keeping lawns mowed and trimmed; clearing brush, leaf litter, and tall grass; and stacking woodpiles off the ground, you will reduce the prevalence of ticks.’
    • ‘If you'd had the sense to wear your shirt the other day when you were out chopping wood, instead of leaving it on the woodpile, you wouldn't have got a chill.’
    • ‘It would be their job, in shifts of two hours each so that they could enjoy the fair as well, to bring wood to Maria and the other cooks from a central woodpile.’
    • ‘As he passed the woodpile, he remembered that his wife wanted wood in the house.’
    • ‘Good additional habitats have been created, for example woodpiles which encourage insects and newts.’
    • ‘Rats are routinely moving into yards, burrowing beneath doghouses, sheds, sidewalks, and hiding out in woodpiles.’
    • ‘My mother recently found one of the journals I kept during my wanderings in the 90's, buried at the bottom of one of my old tin trunks that had been sitting out beside the woodpile at the lodge for a few years, and mailed it to me.’
    • ‘When I looked out the window later, I saw that the big wind had simply toppled the other woodpile out back and gone away, leaving rain pouring on it.’
    • ‘She'd head outside and check the horses and the flowers and the woodpile.’
    • ‘One night, unable to find a suitable weapon in the house, he stormed outside to the woodpile to get one of the right length and shape.’
    • ‘Wearing dust masks and wielding rakes and shovels, the volunteers hauled brush, moved woodpiles, cleared away dead vegetation, and pruned branches from trees close to the homes, protecting 15 in all.’
    • ‘Most clematis will require staking so the twining leaf petioles can cling and climb upward, though some gardeners choose to let the plants sprawl over the ground, over woodpiles, other plants, etc.’
    • ‘Additional cover can be made from hollow logs, stacked rocks, and woodpiles, which form perfect hiding places for lizards, quail, rabbits, and other small animals.’
    • ‘They often live in dry, littered and undisturbed areas, such as in closets, in woodpiles and under sinks.’
    • ‘Do not mow weedy sites or dismantle woodpiles, which provide them safe shelter in the off-season.’
    • ‘He frowned at the woodpile, then started climbing it.’
    • ‘When Barnum's grandfather claimed to know nothing about this detail, the woodcutter threw down his axe in disgust and sat down on the woodpile.’
    • ‘Also don't forget that your woodpile also looks like heaven to termites, so it's best to only keep a week or so worth of wood near the house in easy reach.’
    • ‘They may start out infesting the fence surrounding your property, the woodpile out back or even the utility pole across the street.’



/ˈwo͝odˌpīl/ /ˈwʊdˌpaɪl/