Definition of woodsia in English:



  • A small tufted fern that grows among rocks in mountains in temperate and cool regions.

    Genus Woodsia, family Woodsiaceae

    ‘In dry weather, rusty woodsia fronds dry out and curl up, but they can turn green again after a rain.’
    • ‘Northern woodsia occurs on rock cliffs, crevices, talus, and rocky, boreal woods in sun to partial shade.’
    • ‘I have some rusty woodsias and I swear they look just like another fern.’
    • ‘The leaves of oblong woodsia are densely covered with hairs on both surfaces giving a velvety appearance to younger leaves, whilst alpine woodsia leaves only have hairs on the lower surface.’
    • ‘Some woodsias flourish on the north shore of Lake Superior.’
    • ‘Ebony spleenwort, polypody, lipferns, woodsias and grape ferns are all possibilities to plant with your forget-me-nots, small phloxes, Jacob's ladder, primroses, violets and veronicas.’
    • ‘Oregon and Rocky Mountain woodsia hybrid are native to Minnesota.’
    • ‘It is distinguished from all other Woodsia in our area by its smooth stem and leaf surfaces, devoid of the hairs and scales so common in our other woodsias, as well as its smooth, yellow-green petiole (leaf stalk).’



/ˈwo͝odzēə/ /ˈwʊdziə/


Modern Latin, named after Joseph Woods (1776–1864), English architect and botanist.