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  • The words used to express something; the way in which something is expressed.

    ‘the standard form of wording for a consent letter’
    • ‘Furthermore we also discussed the matter of paying attention to the correspondence and wordings of short term insurance contracts.’
    • ‘My judgment is that these alternative wordings and response categories are not significantly responsible for the resulting differences in the surveys.’
    • ‘Similar questions can, and will, be raised about some of the other alternative wordings, but this kind of debate will be useful in stimulating critical consideration of the discourse of oppression.’
    • ‘It would be foolhardy to try to summarise two days of dense legal argument, much of it to do with definitions, legal boundaries and possible implications of certain wordings in the legislation.’
    • ‘I was told that such clauses are and were at the time to be found in the standard wordings of many English product liability insurers but were not commonly available in the United States of America.’
    • ‘So it is important for insurers to package products to suit unique requirements, besides pricing them competitively and providing a clear understanding of the cover with simple, easy-to-understand policy wordings.’
    • ‘In a highly unusual move, both France and Russia published their own resolution wordings this weekend in an effort to garner support among the other 15 members of the UN Security Council.’
    • ‘It did so fail in the case of the Rosetta Stone, whose wordings are versions in triplicate of a decree instituting a cult of the then - 196 BC - reigning Ptolemy.’
    • ‘Card buffs, however, huff that wordings are getting stale and that innovation in design is the one thing that is missing from cards of all sorts.’
    • ‘Here is another way to put the point: All wordings can be vague depending on the situation in which it is being applied.’
    • ‘As the different wordings were thrown back and forth, all present knew they had a long working relationship to fall back on.’
    • ‘If the Committee recommends a ban on abortion, it may endorse one of the wordings, a composite of the wordings or one of its own.’
    • ‘In other words, surely small variations to wording cannot make a significant difference to people's replies?’
    • ‘However, we may need to find some wording whereby reference to significant changes to the contract are made.’
    • ‘Although she objected to some ‘mannerisms’ and ‘certain wordings,’ she still declared that the writing ‘is so good that it is not necessary that it should be flawless’.’
    • ‘Every separate individual can use different wordings and techniques (as long as you work alone) but you must consistently use them throughout to organise your folders and files on your PC and on your server.’
    • ‘Isabel's going to make a final print and copies for everyone, once we decide on the final wordings and the like.’
    • ‘If levels of reported discrimination vary by question wording and order, follow-up work will be needed to explain these variations and establish which wordings and placements yield the most accurate results.’
    • ‘Copies of the policy wordings will be made available on request.’
    • ‘I apologize for his wordings and actions and I apologize in advance for any other offenses he does later on.’
    phrasing, phraseology, choice of words, words, language, mode of expression, expression, terminology, diction
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/ˈwərdiNG/ /ˈwərdɪŋ/