Definition of worst-case in English:



  • (of a projected development) characterized by the worst of the possible foreseeable circumstances.

    ‘in the worst-case scenario, coastal resorts and communities face disaster’
    • ‘The authorities now react to alleged threats with the worst-case outcome in mind, rather than taking a sober assessment of a situation.’
    • ‘In the worst-case scenario, the antagonism will get out of control and will paralyze the party.’
    • ‘She should have asked for a worst-case scenario, as well as a best-case scenario.’
    • ‘He can only do the responsible thing in the face of uncertainty: assume a worst-case scenario.’
    • ‘For some companies the worst-case scenario may be to stay the same - no growth.’
    • ‘Naturally, one can be overly pessimistic in assessing worst-case scenarios.’
    • ‘So far, not one of these worst-case scenarios has come to pass.’
    • ‘Chilling as these figures are, they are worst-case scenarios.’
    • ‘Now we know the worst-case scenario, which is that she is in prison for five months.’
    • ‘He says many predictions are based entirely on worst-case scenarios, and don't provide a balanced view.’
    • ‘In the worst-case scenario, ministers are preparing for mass evacuations of healthy people from cities.’
    • ‘The worst-case scenario for an employer would be for the whole 13 weeks of unpaid leave to be taken in short bursts at short notice.’
    • ‘But it looks to me like the planners made the mistake of planning for the worst-case scenario.’
    • ‘Discussions about new technology, drugs, health or the environment invariably focus on worst-case scenarios.’
    • ‘Davleyev said a worst-case scenario would be if one or two major facilities were infected by the end of the year.’
    • ‘The film depicts a worst-case scenario, where the shift is so sudden that most of the northern hemisphere is covered by ice within a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘Watch what happens to your energy when you choose not to engage in these worst-case scenario projections.’
    • ‘How can you seriously call yourself a safety regulator if you haven't even looked at your worst-case scenario?’
    • ‘Engineers tend to operate under worst-case scenarios, comparing the cost of building defences with likely damage.’
    • ‘At its height the rioting far surpassed any worst-case scenario that senior police officers had been planning for since the middle of June.’



/ˈwərst ˈˌkās/ /ˈwərst ˈˌkeɪs/