Definition of wow factor in English:

wow factor



  • A quality or feature that is extremely impressive.

    • ‘its funky, futuristic looks would add a definite wow factor to any kitchen’
    • ‘Some of the executions have an undeniable wow factor.’
    • ‘An inexpensive basket or cool container chockfull of bargain goodies packs a big wow factor.’
    • ‘In a picture book, every time you turn the page, there has to be a wow factor.’
    • ‘I know I've worked with many a marketing person who has used the term " wow factor ".’
    • ‘The Magna Centre has a rare "wow factor."’
    • ‘A series of events has been designed to try to put the wow factor back into history for primary school children.’
    • ‘The most promising development for digital video surveillance, the real wow factor, is the creation of the new applications.’
    • ‘There's also a "wow factor" at work.’
    • ‘Some authors try to ratchet up the wow factor by including a book video.’
    • ‘According to its creators, Langs will put the "wow factor" back into a competitive hotel market.’
    • ‘Still, even at high resolutions, the wow factor of the graphics is kind of limited.’
    • ‘In other words, we wanted to improve the wow factor by a bunch.’
    • ‘On arrival the sheer decadence of this place gave a great wow factor!’
    • ‘That was the "wow factor" for me.’
    • ‘This has a real wow factor, with an irresistible nose.’
    • ‘It's got the wow factor - the new rooms are gorgeous.’
    • ‘With that in mind, here's a short list of goodies that won me over with their wow factor.’
    • ‘The wow factor for this one is pretty high.’
    • ‘And there's no denying that the piece brings its share of wow factor to the rotunda.’
    • ‘I'll have to settle for anything in feathers and sequins, as long as it has a proper wow factor.’