Main definitions of wright in English

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Pronunciation /rīt/ /raɪt/


  • A maker or builder.

    • ‘The lower rank comprises ‘the people of every art besides’, who include wrights, blacksmiths, braziers, craftsmen, physicians, judges, Druids, and others.’
    craftsman, craftswoman, craftsperson, skilled worker, mechanic, technician, operative, maker, smith, wright, journeyman


Old English wryhta, wyrhta, of West Germanic origin; related to work.

Main definitions of Wright in English

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Pronunciation /rīt/ /raɪt/

proper noun

  • Family name of brothers Orville (1871–1948) and Wilbur (1867–1912), US aviation pioneers. In 1903, the Wright brothers were the first to make brief sustained and controlled powered flights in an airplane, which was designed and built by them. They were also the first to make and fly a practical powered airplane 1905 and a passenger-carrying airplane 1908.

    designer, planner, maker, constructor, deviser, contriver, establisher, creator, fabricator, architect