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  • 1In a way that is incorrect or mistaken.

    ‘my name is spelled wrongly’
    • ‘wrongly interpreted results’
    • ‘Sappho is standing on the cliff face, ready to do the deed which legend has wrongly attributed to her.’
    • ‘The idea is perhaps extrapolated - wrongly - from his famous Interpretation of music of 1954.’
    • ‘This portrait caused a temporary rift with Tennyson, who wrongly took it to be aimed at him.’
    • ‘The agency wrongly assumed incapacity on her part and removed her children from her custody for their protection.’
    • ‘He 'forgets' to change the colour of his ship's sails from black to white, thus wrongly signalling to his father Aegeus that he has been killed by the Minotaur.’
  • 2In an unjust, dishonest, or immoral way.

    ‘one who admitted acting wrongly was subsequently fired’
    • ‘Henry wrongly claimed $39,000 of taxpayers' money’
    • ‘On a balance of probabilities a work of art was wrongly taken during the Holocaust and World War II period.’
    • ‘This duo of delirium shows that Milligan may just have been a wrongly mocked defrocked filmmaker.’
    • ‘These songs were a genre he made wholly his own, and they're quite wrongly and unnecessarily neglected.’
    • ‘The common misidentification of the book as an historical account has resulted in it being wrongly criticized for its supposed historical inaccuracy, while its merits as imaginative literature have been overlooked.’
    • ‘It was an act of desperate frustration with a public he saw as wrongly withholding its affections.’



/ˈrôNGlē/ /ˈrɔŋli/