Definition of x-radiation in English:



  • 1Treatment with or exposure to X-rays.

    ‘Many biologically important molecules are destroyed by exposure to x-radiation and can only be investigated by a rapid exposure method.’
    • ‘Photographers need to protect film from x-radiation.’
    • ‘The federal x-radiation testing completed on your product can be used to reduce or eliminate additional x-radiation testing that may be necessary for UL Listing of that same product.’
    1. 1.1Radiation in the form of X-rays.
      ‘For example, in the accretion disk, a swirling region of infalling material surrounding a black hole or other source of powerful gravity in space, ultraviolet and x-radiations are preferentially emitted at different distances from the center.’
      • ‘Reduce the risk of x-radiation exceeding 0.5 mrd in a one-hour period at a distance of 5 cm from accessible surfaces outside the treatment zone.’