Definition of X-ray microscope in English:

X-ray microscope


  • An instrument that uses X-rays to produce a magnified image.

    ‘In principle we should be able to see individual molecules with an X-ray microscope that focuses X-rays just as we focus light in an optical microscope.’
    • ‘The unique capability of X-ray microscopes to explore heterogeneous phenomena.’
    • ‘Imaging with X-ray microscopes using different contrast mechanisms 09: 50-10: 15 Coffee break Chairman: C. Tuniz 10: 15-10: 45 E. Castelli (University of Trieste, Italy)’
    • ‘Scanning X-ray microscope coupled with transmitted X-rays imaging and X-ray fluorescent X-ray imaging.’
    • ‘This technology is a lensless X-ray microscope capable of imaging crystalline grains in three-dimensions.’
    • ‘In place of an objective lens, the X-ray microscope uses computer inversion of the diffraction pattern to produce an image.’
    • ‘At the National Center for X-ray Tomography, scientists have built a transmission X-ray microscope that can produce meticulous 3 - D images of cells.’
    • ‘This should allow regions of interest to be identified and recorded on a standard light microscope prior to transfer into the X-ray microscope and rapidly aligned to the probe scan.’
    • ‘The inventive X-ray microscope comprises an extended X-ray source, a unit for placing a studied object, a recording unit and an X-ray capillary lens disposed therebetween.’
    • ‘A new X-ray microscope that provides 3D images of the internal structure of materials will go on display at a conference in Adelaide next week.’
    • ‘An independent phase contrast X-ray microscope that was at the same time of high resolution and of high brightness did not exist until now.’
    • ‘This is a significant milestone in the development of a commercially viable compact soft X-ray microscope.’
    • ‘Today, the world's highest-resolution X-ray microscopes employ Baez's zone-plate technology to look at features as small as carbon structures in living cells, Castro said.’
    • ‘Figure 2 depicts two X-ray micrographs taken with an X-ray microscope based on an aluminum CRL with 62 individual lenses.’
    • ‘Over the past three years a qualitatively new design of scanning transmission X-ray microscope has been conceived, built and commissioned at the Advanced Light Source.’
    • ‘Application From oil exploration to aerospace materials and intergalactic cosmic dust, the new X-ray microscopes can be used to observe even minute imperfections’
    • ‘Recent technological advancements have taken their innovation to the state-of-the-art level, and X-ray microscopes with Kirkpatrick-Baez-type mirrors can now achieve a spatial resolution of less than 50 nm.’
    • ‘However, using powerful X-ray microscopes and experimenting with a variety of X-ray phase-contrast imaging techniques, scientists have been able to use the penetrating power of X-rays to directly image the internal microstructures of even opaque and multi-layer objects.’
    • ‘The zone plates with high numerical aperture may be used in a particularly advantageous manner as small condensers in laboratory X-ray microscopes, as they can capture light from a microplasma X-ray radiation source in a particularly wide solid angle and focus it on an object.’
    • ‘Two X-ray microscopes are under construction at the ESRF, a scanning transmission X-ray microscope and a transmission X-ray microscope.’