Definition of X-ray telescope in English:

X-ray telescope


  • A telescope designed to detect sources of X-rays.

    ‘Thus, scientists can study black hole activity with X-ray telescopes like the Rossi Explorer.’
    • ‘In 1959, Giacconi worked out how to construct a rocket-borne X-ray telescope.’
    • ‘In 2002, Mathur and her colleagues used Chandra's X-ray telescope to gather the first evidence that the gas was made of baryons.’
    • ‘Although the part of the Sun seen with the naked eye normally outshines it, the corona is actually the brightest part of the Sun when observed with an X-ray telescope.’
    • ‘With a resolution twenty times better than that of previous X-ray telescopes, Chandra has peered into the crowded region at the center of our Milky Way galaxy.’
    • ‘Hete is designed to detect gamma-ray bursts and relay their locations within seconds to a worldwide network of radio, optical and X-ray telescopes.’
    • ‘Ultraviolet telescopes had detected cooler components of the hot gas system, but because of its high temperatures most of it is detectable only with an extremely sensitive X-ray telescope.’
    • ‘Launched in November 2004 and gathering data only since January, it is designed to automatically turn its X-ray telescope toward a burst in order to accurately pin down its position.’
    • ‘By 1979 NASA was able to launch only three satellites: two small short-term atmospheric research probes and one astronomical X-ray telescope.’
    • ‘The discovery of this eruption shows X-ray telescopes are necessary to understand some of the most violent events in the universe.’
    • ‘In addition to its suite of cameras, Skylab was stocked with tons of scientific equipment, including coronagraphs, spectrometers, and ultraviolet and X-ray telescopes.’
    • ‘NASA is also studying a similar proposal, called Constellation-X, which would use several X-ray telescopes to create a virtual telescope 100 times more powerful than existing ones.’
    • ‘X rays are highly energetic - that's why they so readily penetrate matter - and so an X-ray telescope offers the chance to observe cosmic phenomena powerful enough to generate highly energetic radiation.’
    • ‘The initial burst fades over a few seconds, but the resulting shock waves (the ‘afterglow’) can be visible to optical, radio and X-ray telescopes for days after the explosion.’
    • ‘‘We're trying to create an X-ray telescope that can see all sides at once,’ Professor Nugent said.’
    • ‘UK scientists have lead roles in two of the three instruments the X-ray telescope and the UV/Optical telescope.’
    • ‘Dave Rust and colleagues from American Science and Engineering used their own Skylab instrument - a soft X-ray telescope - to discover holes in the corona of the Sun, where Parker's solar wind could periodically stream toward Earth.’
    • ‘In 1976, Giacconi along with Harvey Tananbaum of the Harvard - Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Mass., submitted a proposal letter to NASA to initiate the study and design of a large X-ray telescope.’
    • ‘Professor Nugent's work in phase imaging and X-ray optics has been used in the development of an X-ray telescope with 360-degree ‘lobster eye‘vision.’’
    • ‘‘This is the first time an X-ray telescope has imaged a gamma-ray burst, while it was bursting,’ said Dr. Neil Gehrels, Swift's Principal Investigator at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.’