Definition of X-ray therapy in English:

X-ray therapy


  • Medical treatment of a disease using controlled doses of X-rays.

    ‘Also called radiotherapy, irradiation, or X-ray therapy, radiation therapy is one of the most common forms of treatment for cancer.’
    • ‘This is the same basic principle behind X-ray therapy.’
    • ‘Radiation therapy - also called radiotherapy or X-ray therapy - involves treating cancer with beams of high-energy particles, or waves, such as gamma rays or X-rays.’
    • ‘This new cancer therapy, which rivals conventional gamma or X-ray therapies, is already being tested at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in human trials and ‘shows much promise,’ says Tom Conley, manager of the U-233 Safe Storage Program at ORNL.’
    • ‘Such uses of X-rays would today be viewed as quackery, but many of them were accepted medical practice into the 1950s. Physicians weren't the only ones enthusiastic about X-ray therapies.’
    • ‘Compared with X-ray therapy, a proton beam delivers an extremely low amount of radiation until it reaches the disease site.’
    • ‘Proton therapy is often used in conjunction with traditional X-ray therapy or other treatments, including surgery, chemotherapy, seed implants, and immunotherapy.’
    • ‘These results, the authors conclude, ‘verify the usefulness of soft X-ray therapy for cutaneous epithelial malignancies.’’
    • ‘Debulking and X-ray therapies have also been used in experimental studies.’
    • ‘To penetrate deeply enough in the body to reach most tumors, higher doses of X-ray therapy must be used.’