Definition of y-axis in English:



  • The secondary or vertical axis of a system of coordinates, points along which have a value of zero for all other coordinates.

    Compare with x-axis

    ‘Start to draw the slope at the left-hand vertical line of grid, which is the y-axis.’
    • ‘The x-axis shows the population in millions whilst the y-axis shows different age ranges.’
    • ‘Consecutive locations outlining an ' impact corridor ' are linked along the y-axis.’
    • ‘For graphical purposes, a log scale is used for the y-axis.’
    • ‘For graphical purposes, the cubic function in (a) is not extended below the y-axis.’
    • ‘All data sets have nonzero intercepts of the regression lines with the y-axis.’
    • ‘Note the differences in the scale of the y-axis.’
    • ‘Note variation in the scale of the y-axis among plots.’
    • ‘Significant differences are for the photosynthetic rates on the y-axis.’
    • ‘The fitted lines are for the regression of the square root of the y-axis variable on log shoot dry weight.’
    • ‘Lines represent regressions of linear portion of each curve extrapolated to the y-axis.’
    • ‘Meeting spaces around the building are plotted along the y-axis, session times along the x.’
    • ‘The more energy available, the higher up the Y-axis the profile is on the graph.’
    • ‘The Y-axis of the graph counts up the density of the molecules, in number of molecules per cubic centimeter of atmosphere.’
    • ‘The y-axis indicates the number of individuals within each category of average tail moment.’
    • ‘The Y-axis shows the frequency of a prevalent mutation for each of the lines.’
    • ‘The y-axis is the fraction of sequences falling into a particular bin.’
    • ‘The y-axis on each part is square root of HDL cholesterol centered on the cross-specific mean.’
    • ‘The y-axis shows the relative increase in the sex comb teeth associated with the double mutants.’
    • ‘The y-axis indicates the number of markers corresponding to each distance class.’