Definition of ya-yas in English:


plural noun

‘How they had the ya-yas to declare Linux an infant OS in need of their IP is beyond me.’
  • ‘Perhaps they got their ya-yas out on the instrumental soundtrack record for Instrument.’
  • ‘My best guess is that the more mannered vocal performances are the later ones, after Johnston got his ya-yas out.’
  • ‘It's not so much a ' get yer ya-yas out ' kind of situation. "’
  • ‘And for a long time we've been trying to get our leaders to get off their ya-yas and to craft solutions for their problems.’
  • ‘But she had this certain something (all the ya-yas have it) that makes you pay attention.’
  • ‘They banged drums, bared mastectomy scars, hollered ya-yas for the sisterhood, ate fire, and chewed the fat.’
  • ‘This film perfectly captures the "buzz hassle" experienced by the unwashed masses who innocently showed up to get a glimpse of Mick and Keef getting their ya-yas out.’
  • ‘By way of contrast, this is the sound of Freedy Johnston's ya-yas.’
  • ‘The ya-yas perform a blood ritual to cement their eternal bond to each other and they pray to nature, worshipping forces and spirits other than God.’
  • ‘And if anyone's overdue to get their ya-yas out in proper double-live fashion, it's these carriers of rock's sweaty, beer-soaked torch.’
  • ‘She said that everyone gets his/her ya-yas out, and that no one will fight over money.’
  • ‘Get yer ya-yas out and come see us!’
  • ‘For $275 per two-hour session, would-be corporate chieftains like me can get out our ya-yas popping ollies on pristine ridges, conquering the resort's Rock and Crater obstacle courses.’
  • ‘We love short shorts: this summer, lesbian filmmakers are kicking out their ya-yas in sexy short films where the action is hot and the stories hit home’
  • ‘But what ya-yas did he have?’
  • ‘"There's a certain amount of casual hooking up," he says, adding that campaigners need to "release [ their ] ya-yas, if you will."’
  • ‘All roller skated ya-yas, be-garbage bagged monkey boys, ugg booted Britney fans and straight-up skanky hos were present and accounted for at the Trades Hall bar last Friday night.’



/ˈyäˌyäz/ /ˈjɑˌjɑz/


    get your ya-yas out
    • Enjoy yourself in an uninhibited way.

      • ‘if you're looking for a way to get your ya-yas out, nothing beats karaoke’
      • ‘school starts for them next week, so we're getting our ya-yas out’


1970s from Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!, the title of an album (1970) by the Rolling Stones; yas yas is a US slang term for the buttocks or anus, from ass.