Definition of yadda yadda yadda in English:

yadda yadda yadda


informal North American
  • Used as a substitute for actual words where they are too lengthy or tedious to recite in full.

    • ‘boy meets girl, boy loses girl, yadda yadda yadda’
    • ‘She thinks he's really cute… and nice and funny and yada yada yada.’
    • ‘You already know the drill by now - appeasement, shameful, Munich, cowards, decline of the West, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘Okay - so I had my audition for Oxygen TODAY instead of the other day because my ultrasound ran long and the traffic was murder, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘I know it's hard to stay true to your values when fame and fortune are so fervently in your face - and of course the more principled you are the harder it is to stick to them, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘Yes, I know, nothing in the world is truly voluntary, there's always social, economic, political, etc. pressure, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘She is not happy with the service, her database is down, she is losing revenue because she can't complete any transactions, she is paying monthly fees for support, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘I'll call Mom and Dad and work out all the details, if they ask you anything just say you want to get a taste of college life so you'll better understand what exactly it is that you're looking for in a school yada yada yada.’
    • ‘They are fingerprinted on entry, they have to attend an interview, which takes a full day to do if you're not from Dublin, they have to tell the US authorities exactly where they are at all times and yada yada yada.’
    • ‘More shameless promotion; this special coincided with the release of Seinfeld DVDs in the US, but if you're a fan, well, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘‘Watch I bet she'll be back here in a few hours saying how sorry she is and that she never meant to do that and yada yada yada,’ I predicted.’
    • ‘In my own postings, I try to strike a happy medium between the hardcore political blogs and the whining, self-obsessed ones where people just go on about their hair and their weight and the clothes they've bought and yada yada yada.’
    • ‘We were exhausted to say the least, so we took taxis to our hotel immediately, despite Mr. O'Neill's informative speech about overcoming jet lag and adhering to new sleep schedules… yada yada yada.’
    • ‘The agreement states that yada yada yada… and Aaron was complaining because you weren't spending enough time with him… is that right?’
    • ‘OK, we know about all that frightful McCarthyist censorship, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘In the best scenario, a framework/teacher says, ‘We do it this way because yada yada yada, so we want you to try it this way until you're comfortable with it.’’
    • ‘Lately, although everybody seems to think that I have it amazingly perfect - good job, lots of mates, good social life, young, free and single, natural blonde… yada yada yada…’
    • ‘I don't know if I remember any of them, but they tended to be like Shrub's - completely over the top, just stuffed full of teary-eyed cliches about heroes, sacrifice, American values, courage, freedom, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘Anyway, make sure your ex realizes that you're not doing this to be mean; you're really sorry, but you just realized that you really wouldn't feel comfortable… which wouldn't make you the most fun date in prom history, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘Access Mapion data, train routes, timetables, three-dimensional concourse/platform maps in a choice of PDF or HTML, car rental locations, lists of recommended accommodation, yada yada yada.’
    • ‘It's a novel about some guy who moves to New York to break into the high-brow literary scene and score with lots of chicks yada yada yada…’


yadda yadda yadda

/ˌyädə ˌyädə ˈyädə/ /ˌjɑdə ˌjɑdə ˈjɑdə/


1940s imitative of meaningless chatter.