Definition of Yagi antenna in English:

Yagi antenna


  • A highly directional radio antenna made of several short rods mounted across an insulating support and transmitting or receiving a narrow band of frequencies.

    ‘Tracking relied on four-element directional Yagi antennas and either AVM LA - 12, Televilt RX900, or Televilt RX8910 (TVP Positioning AB, Lindesberg, Sweden) receivers.’
    • ‘These surveys were conducted using a Cessna 206 aircraft with mounted Yagi antennas.’
    • ‘Designed to provide outstanding durability in all weather conditions and reduce ice loading, the Yagi antennas have a black anodized finish and are ideal for SCADA applications.’
    • ‘We located radiotagged tanagers at 2 day intervals using a four-element Yagi antenna and portable receiver (Telonics, Inc., Mesa, Arizona).’
    • ‘We radio tracked females by using a three-element Yagi antenna and a Wildlife Materials TRX 1000S receiver.’
    • ‘As radio-tracking equipment we used three-element Yagi antennas (Biotrack LTD, UK and Titley Electronics) and Mariner M - 57 (Mariner Radar LTD, UK) and Regal 2000 receivers.’
    • ‘Using the software we aim to build a small repeater station and position it so as to be able to beam 802.11b signals around using Pringles can Yagi antennas.’
    • ‘Portable receivers (Custom Electronics, Urbana, IL) and hand-held 3 element Yagi antennas were used to radiotrack coyotes.’
    • ‘Finally I needed a pair of $249 Yagi antennas and various cables, clamps, and poles, for a total of just under $1,400.’
    • ‘We radio-tracked geese several times each summer from 1997 to 2001, using two four-element Yagi antennas fixed on each side of a helicopter.’


Yagi antenna

/ˌyäɡē ənˈtenə/ /ˌjɑɡi ənˈtɛnə/


1940s named after Hidetsugu Yagi (1886–1976), Japanese engineer.