Definition of Yahwist in English:



(also Yahvist)
  • The postulated author or authors of parts of the first six books of the Bible, in which God is regularly named Yahweh.

    Compare with Elohist

    ‘Blood is spilled on the earth in old rites masked as simple superstition so as not to raise the ire of the Yahwist religious rulers of Samaria.’
    • ‘Gehazi is a Yahwist, however, who understands nothing of the transformative faith to which the narrative attests.’
    • ‘The Yahwist tells us that from the beginning of time, God intended marriage to be a covenant of oneness, a unity of heart, mind, and body.’
    • ‘The Yahwist also describes the breakdown of mutuality and relationship when we fail to adhere to that ethos, using human craftiness to exploit power.’
    • ‘Genesis 2: 18-24 is part of the Yahwist creation story, in which woman is created subsequent to man.’
    • ‘Religiously, most of the returnees were probably strict Yahwists who adhered to the exclusive nationalism of Deuteronomy and the Deuteronomistic law.’
    • ‘How many ‘Yahwists’ and ‘Elohists’, working over how many years, did it take to produce the book of Genesis?’
    • ‘The author used this approach to discuss the Yahwist's version of creation in Genesis 2 in two small groups in his congregation, one heterosexual and one homosexual.’
    • ‘The primary source for the introductory material on the patriarchs is the Yahwist, although some harmonization and other editorial work have been done by the Priestly tradition.’
    • ‘It is to this effort that I now turn, engaging with my congregational members in a close reading and imaginative hearing of the Yahwist creation account as encountered in the second chapter of Genesis.’
    • ‘In the Yahwist's version of the creation story in Genesis 2-3, longing for companionship between the sexes emerges even more centrally as the fundamental theme.’



/ˈyäwist/ /-vist/ /ˈjɑwəst/