Definition of yakitori in English:



  • A Japanese dish of chicken pieces grilled on a skewer.

    ‘a yakitori bar’
    • ‘She polished off another rice bowl then turned her attention to a few strips of yakitori.’
    • ‘They go to catch up at her father's yakitori joint, which we learn has been funded by Yakuza money.’
    • ‘Anyone who bangs on about sushi and sashimi as the height of Japanese cuisine is talking rot, give me beer and yakitori any day.’
    • ‘A variety of a la carte items, which includes grilled salmon or eel or yakitori platter, are also served.’
    • ‘Instead, California rolls, crème brûlée and yakitori far outnumber the plates of sushi or sashimi.’
    • ‘The yakitori chicken looked great with a brownish tinge.’
    • ‘‘Chicken yakitori with an extra bowl of rice,’ Viktor ordered, passing her the menus.’
    • ‘Meat skewers range from chicken yakitori to leg of lamb to beef tongue.’
    • ‘Carter first visited Kushihachi, a yakitori grilled skewered chicken restaurant in 1975 when he came to Japan as Georgia governor.’
    • ‘After a chance meeting, they go to the yakitori restaurant that Myon runs with her sister Yan and her pathetic, egocentric father, who is wanted by the yakuzos.’
    • ‘We sit and he orders sake and yakitori for the 3 of us, and this sake is absolutely sublime. Delicious, melt in the mouth, like drinking liquid velvet.’
    • ‘Ideally, yakitori would be grilled over live coals, but life is rarely ideal, so we must make do with what we have - a ribbed cast-iron grill, barbecue or overhead grill.’
    • ‘Anyway, I'm off to check my Japanese diary as I have a strong suspicion that Sunday 3rd August may well be beer and yakitori day…’
    • ‘After a while we had enough and headed to the yakitori (grilled chicken) restaurant where I ate tofu (thank God tofu is good here).’
    • ‘Tuesday might pick up an Asian theme with Thai chicken curry, Vietnamese spring rolls, courgette yakitori skewers, sesame noodles and end with dark chocolate and orange tart.’
    • ‘The timing was excellent as well as it coincided with me finishing studying for the day (no really) and thus I got to eat yakitori and drink beer in the sunshine on a Bank Holiday Monday afternoon.’
    • ‘We went for the safe and familiar 25A: pleasantly sweet chicken brochettes called yakitori, served on wooden sticks similar to satay.’
    • ‘One of the wonderful smells drifting over the sushi counter was that of our yakitori moriawase plate - an assortment of grilled chicken on wooden skewers.’
    • ‘Offering yummy sashimi and sushi options, tasty yakitori kebabs and a selection of other Japanese dishes at prices around the $17 mark, Tokyo Fusion's half price, eat-in special every night of the week, is attractive indeed.’
    • ‘If you're in a flashy mood, or just really hungry, you might be tempted by the azuma moriawase, which consists of a sirloin steak, yakitori (chicken brochettes) and shrimp and vegetable tempura.’



/ˌyäkiˈtôrē/ /ˌjɑkɪˈtɔri/


Japanese, from yaki ‘grilling, frying’ + tori ‘bird’.