Definition of yamen in English:



  • The office or residence of a public official in the Chinese Empire.

    • ‘A few days later, all the priests and sisters were marched to the yamen while the Christians didn't dare salute them or look at them.’
    • ‘Sun brought his little navy up to Canton and bombarded Lu's yamen.’
    • ‘Local constabularies were based either in district, subprefectural, or prefectural yamens or local constabulary offices located at crossroads, fords, and other strategic points.’
    • ‘Despite the magistrate's informative and urgent letters, the Qing central government was insensitive to the additional administrative and budgetary needs of the county yamen in the midst of drastic changes in the nineteenth century.’
    • ‘Such plaintiffs had to hammer on drums hanging at the gate of a yamen (government unit in feudal times) with their suzhuang (a plaint), at least for ordinary cases.’



/ˈyämən/ /ˈjɑmən/