Definition of yammerer in English:




See yammer

‘It's all very easy for people to yammer on about the unfairness of bans (not you Bec… I'd not call you a yammerer) but what are these people doing to change the very basic laws?’
  • ‘As one who has moved up from mere yammerer to humble cousin by virtue of now being paid to write reviews, rather than just offering my hasty, instinctive opinion here, I take issue with this dismissive, short-sighted and condescending attitude.’
  • ‘That may be, at least in part, because network news anchors and cable TV news yammerers are too busy all talking about the same things, you know, the war, the deficit, the Patriot Act, the Super Bowl.’
  • ‘I know it's important-I also know that he will be on the Supreme Court no matter how long the professional yammerers practice their craft during these hearings.’
  • ‘I don't have cable, so I won't be cheating to see what the highly-paid yammerers are going on and on about.’
  • ‘At first Ms. Kahn's Alice seems like the kind of insufferable yammerer who would drive anyone mad.’