Definition of Yankton in English:


Pronunciation /ˈyaNGktən/ /ˈjæŋktən/

nounYankton, Yanktons

  • 1A member of a Siouan people of the Great Plains of North and South Dakota.

    ‘Though Robertson refers to the Yanktons and Santees throughout the book as Lakotas, they are, in fact, Dakota people.’
    • ‘Like the Yankton / Yanktonai Sioux, the Santee grudgingly accepted ‘concentration’ in 1858.’
  • 2The Siouan language of the Yankton.


  • Relating to the Yankton or their language.

    ‘‘Isn't Yankton that settlement they just built, after that treaty with the Yankton Sioux? ‘asked Adam.’’
    • ‘The ‘reformers ‘- notably John Collier, founder of the American Indian Defense Association, and Gertrude Bonnin, a Yankton Dakota - sought to preserve Native American resources, crafts, culture, land, and spirituality.’’


Yankton, literally ‘end village’.