Definition of Yanktonai in English:



  • 1A Sioux people now living in the Dakotas and eastern Montana, formerly living in northern Minnesota.

    ‘Oscar Howe, a Dakota Indian of the Yanktonais tribe, was born at Joe Creek on the Crow Creek Reservation of South Dakota to George Tikute Howe and Ella Fearless Bear.’
    • ‘Badgered by the Yanktonai into warfare with Upper Assiniboine bands, Standing Buffalo was killed in 1871; a portion of his followers migrated on into Canada, while some stayed among the Assiniboine.’
    • ‘Both these references would seem to apply as well to the Yanktonai as to the Yankton; it is probable that both are referred to under one general name.’
    • ‘During these early years other bands of Dakota including Brules, Two Kettles, Yanktons, and Yanktonais joined the Santees at the Crow Creek Agency.’
    • ‘The Yankton and Yanktonais resided in that part of Dakota east of the Missouri.’
    • ‘The Sioux divisions of Sisseton / Wahpetons, the Yanktonais, and the Teton Hunkpapa are all represented.’
    • ‘Drifting Goose, leader of the Hunkpati band of Yanktonai, is remembered for refusing to sign the 1859 treaty.’
    • ‘The Yanktonais and the Isanti were a river-plains people who did some farming as well as buffalo hunting.’
    • ‘They were Yanktonai and Hunkpatina, and they had played no part in the rampage in Minnesota.’
    1. 1.1A member of the Yanktonai.
      ‘Many of the plum names reflect the heritage of the Great Plains: for example, ‘Waneta,’ after a Yanktonai Sioux leader.’
      • ‘Some folks up there are Yanktonais and they speak the D-dialect.’
      • ‘Today Nakota is spoken almost exclusively by the Assiniboins, and most Yankton and Yanktonais speak Dakota.’
      • ‘In 1825, the Oglala signed their first treaty with the United States, along with the Brulé, Yankton, and some Yanktonais.’
      • ‘Custer and his troops attacked a village comprised of seven Indian bands, each with its own chief: the Unkpapas under Sitting Bull, the Oglala under Crazy Horse, the Minniconjou under Fast Bull, the Sans Arc under Red Bear, the Cheyenne under Ice Bear, the Santee and Yanktonais under Red Point of the Santee and the Blackfeet under Scabby Head.’



/ˌyaNGktəˈnī/ /ˌjæŋktəˈnaɪ/