Definition of yantra in English:



  • A geometric diagram, or any object, used as an aid to meditation in tantric worship.

    ‘They sit in a circle with a drawing on the ground, of a large circular diagram called Mandala or yantra.’
    • ‘Therefore forms of Durga are worshipped with their respective yantras.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are Hindu temples which have in the sanctum sanctorum no image at all but a yantra, a symbolic or mystic diagram.’
    • ‘After one or two weeks, when the shifting is over, I will be able to provide you with the necessary mantra and yantra for prapti siddhi.’
    • ‘Shakta devotionalists use puja rites, especially to the Shri Chakra yantra, to establish intimacy with the Goddess.’
    • ‘At one point, Amba was asked to throw a handful of flowers onto a yantra, or sacred diagram, with five faces corresponding to the five faces of Lord Siva.’
    • ‘The drawing of mandalas or yantras in the high traditions, floor and wall paintings by women in folk traditions, all display a magical structure.’
    • ‘That said, there are many so called magical aspects to tantra practice, notably the mudras, mantras, yantras, etc.’
    • ‘Sometimes this geometric shape is called the Star of David, sometimes the Seal of Solomon, but perhaps most significantly, it is the yantra or symbol of the heart chakra.’
    • ‘The records tell of how Taleju instructed that the temple be built in the form of a yantra, a difficult task which the architect performed with the help of an ascetic and the goddess herself who visited it in the form of a bee.’
    • ‘Perhaps this is why the commitment of time, money and emotional energy that you'd put into setting up an altar or painting a yantra works, as a kind of token sacrifice that creates the belief in the magick?’
    • ‘The last level, in the physical centre, is a three-dimensional yantra that disappears into the absolute central point of the temple - receding into eternity.’
    • ‘Also, yantras are basically ‘nets’ of relationships, different schemes for systemising differing aspects of life, which are all seen as aspects of the deity.’
    • ‘Inside, a vast, vibrant circular room contains a central altar with a three-dimensional yantra (a geometric form designed to focus spiritual energies).’
    • ‘More abstract forms of deity meditation can be used as the skill of the practitioner increases, such as yantras, which serve as the body of the deity in the Tantric system, and with mantra, which serves as the mind of the deity.’
    • ‘The temple construction begins with the Vastupurusha mandala, which is a yantra, mostly divided into 64 or 81 squares, which are the seats of 45 divinities.’
    • ‘She told him to excavate a yantra (a mystic diagram composed of geometric and alphabetic figures) called Sriyantra from beneath the entrance to an abandoned Siva temple on the Sati Chaura ghat.’
    • ‘Between 1686-1743 he also built five observatories in Jaipur, Delhi, Banaras, Ujjain and Mathura all of which have the same types of instruments or yantras laid out according to their astronomical functions.’
    • ‘It's a ‘workbook’, drawing on techniques based on the author's time in Sahaja Yoga, for developing spontaneously, personalised postures, gestures, mantras, yantras etc., twinned and linking in to certain states of mind.’



/ˈyantrə/ /ˈjæntrə/


Sanskrit, literally ‘device for holding or fastening’.