Definition of yarborough in English:


Pronunciation /ˈyärb(ə)rə/ /ˈjɑrb(ə)rə/ /ˈyärˌbərō/ /ˈjɑrˌbəroʊ/


  • (in bridge or whist) a hand with no card above a nine.

    ‘There are good yarboroughs and bad yarboroughs, based on the strength of the spots.’
    • ‘The term a 'yarborough' in bridge and whist came about because the Earl of Yarborough was fond of betting at odds of 1000:1 against this hand being dealt (A yarboruough meaning a hand of 13 cards none of which is higher than a 9).’


Early 20th century said to be named after an Earl of Yarborough, who bet 1000 to 1 against the occurrence of such a hand.