Definition of yardmaster in English:



  • A person who is in charge of a railroad yard.

    ‘They went to the people closest to the work - the train crews and yardmasters - to get input.’
    • ‘In other words it took a total of 5 yardmasters per shift to run the yard.’
    • ‘It served as home for the Coal River dispatcher, St. Albans yardmaster, and trainmaster for many years.’
    • ‘Parkdale and the Coach yard each had one yardmaster per shift.’
    • ‘Forester walked into the yardmaster's office without knocking.’
    • ‘However, the yardmaster discovered that Yarbrough had spent some time in a nearby tavern and was drunk, and dismissed him from the service.’
    • ‘Not too likely for they were used in only one place that I know of, CPR's Lambton Yard in Toronto where Sam Ashdown worked as a yardmaster.’
    • ‘Pandering to the great British obsession with train sets, here you not only play stationmaster but engine driver, yardmaster and route builder.’
    • ‘Railway shunters, pointsmen, signalmen and yardmasters began an indefinite strike at midnight on August 5, demanding the immediate settlement of salary anomalies.’
    • ‘As one retired yardmaster once commented, ‘When they built this yard it was impossible to get blocked in.’’
    • ‘Co-ordination of rail movements was the responsibility of a shift yardmaster, who was in contact with the TH & B and CNR yardmasters, and four assistant shift yardmasters.’
    • ‘Like it was for most railroaders working in and out of Russell, RU Cabin became a daily institution… a key element in the workplace for countless train crews, yard crews, hostlers, yardmasters, and dispatchers.’
    • ‘For example, Don Riel, a Society member and retired CSX yardmaster, grew up near the C&O water treatment plant and the fenced-in Russell High School ‘Sportsman Field.’’
    • ‘Other clerks there would quickly transcribe those tapes, providing the yardmasters with ‘lists’ of each track, from which would be made up switch lists for the yard crews and for the hump-tower retarder ‘conductors.’’



/ˈyärdˌmastər/ /ˈjɑrdˌmæstər/