Definition of yatra in English:



  • A procession or pilgrimage, especially one with a religious purpose.

    ‘When Hindus go on their yatras like the Kumbh Mela, the entire arrangement is done at government cost.’
    • ‘In fact, one would find very few Maharashtrian families that have not done the Ashtavinayakadarshan yatra once in their lives.’
    • ‘It also said that these and other facilities are provided in other religious festivals also such as during Amarnath yatra and Kumbh Mela.’
    • ‘Following the bad weather conditions, the authorities have suspended the yatra and all the pilgrims have been asked to remain at the base camp.’
    • ‘The insistent advice to observe restraint was given after the Indian Parliament was attacked, after the Kaluchak massacre and after the murder of Hindu pilgrims on the Amarnath yatra.’
    procession, march, cavalcade, motorcade, carcade, cortège, ceremony, spectacle, display, pageant, concours, file, train, column



/ˈyätrə/ /ˈjɑtrə/


From Sanskrit yātrā ‘journey’, from yā ‘go’.