Definition of yawny in English:


adjectiveadjective yawnier, adjective yawniest

  • Characterized by or producing yawning.

    ‘I am incredibly tired and yawny’
    • ‘all the material is very yawny’
    • ‘His laugh relaxed into a yawny simper.’
    • ‘This conversation is yawny.’
    • ‘One's feet were cold and the uncertainty of everything made one yawny but not sleepy.’
    • ‘I was getting very yawny myself, but they kept pressing coffee on me.’
    • ‘On a humid September morning, thirty-five of us, heat-anesthetized and yawny, busied ourselves by scratching our names into the desk tops with house keys.’
    sleepy, half asleep, dozy, dozing, heavy, heavy-eyed, yawning, nodding, groggy, somnolent, ready for bed, hardly able to keep one's eyes open



/ˈyônē/ /ˈjɔni/