Definition of yeah in English:


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(also yeh)
nonstandard spelling of yes, representing a pronunciation
‘yeah, it's been fun’
  • ‘So yeah, I don't have a problem with Sean and he has no reason to have a problem with me.’
  • ‘So yeah, it appears I have many a good music tale to tell during my exploits over the years.’
  • ‘I have no clue how our idiotic principal got that idea but yeah, okay, if he says so.’
  • ‘Then they come on and sing and you just think, yeah, nice song, they can sing okay, so what?’
  • ‘Well, yeah, obviously him, but who will he get to do the press conferences in Arabic?’
  • ‘Yeah Yeah yeah. You're gonna say why didn't I get some food as well while I was at it.’
  • ‘I really had made a concious effort to speak more and stuff, so yeah, I am still a little miffed.’
  • ‘He doesn't apologise, just tacitly admits that yeah, maybe it is all these things.’
  • ‘Yeah, yeah, I mean our couple of advisors told us many stories of romance in the department.’
  • ‘Mostly, he kills time with multitudinous yeahs and all right nows, which is merely tedious.’
  • ‘A great shame, because he was very innovative, but yeah, we think he's lost it now.’
  • ‘Oh, Ok, I didn't have a bloody clue where I was, but I found my way home in the end, yeah?’
  • ‘We need to have righteous indignation on our side. We need to fight evil, yeah!’
  • ‘Yeah yeah, I know, self promotion and all that, but I still really like this version.’
  • ‘It seemed a bit weird having a festival in the middle of town, but I'm looking forward to this, yeah.’
  • ‘Yeah, it's smelly, yeah, it screws up the atmosphere, yeah, people die because of it.’
  • ‘Oh yeah, and Catherine Deneuve, who's wonderful in pretty much everything she does.’
  • ‘So yeah, I think my initial outrage during that monologue was just my inner geek showing through.’
  • ‘Or do we meet it head-on, admit that, yeah, we have a chance and not hide away from it?’
  • ‘So, yeah, what I mean is that I don't care how I perform but I want that medal round my neck.’
  • ‘So, yeah, the Manics gig was cancelled at the last minute because JDB has the flu.’
  • ‘The response was a bunch of yeahs, sures, OKs, and yeses.’



/ye/ /jɛ/


    yeah, right
    • Expressing sarcastic disagreement with, or disbelief at, what someone has said.

      • ‘he is currently working on a novel—yeah, right’
      • ‘Robin's decided she's going to call him and tell him to get his act together. Yeah, right!’
      • ‘Apparently the job I had been called in for had been filled just a few hours earlier (yeah, right).’
      • ‘She didn't seem overly impressed with my response, but 'promised' they would look into it (yeah, right).’
      • ‘Yeah, right, they're poor victims.’
      • ‘Really, all one needs to do is just look at the people making these claim and think, "Yeah, right."’