Definition of year-wise in English:



South Asian
  • 1Calculated over or covering a period of a year; annual.

    ‘the ministry has fixed year-wise targets’
    • ‘They did not set year-wise internal targets for biological reclamation of mined-out areas through plantation activities.’
    • ‘They should stipulate year-wise thresholds to reach the targeted level.’
    • ‘The committee also sought month and year-wise details of capacity payments made to IPPs during this fiscal year.’
    • ‘The managing director also briefed the committee about year-wise sales.’
    • ‘The year-wise reports are the most consolidated reports on crime.’
    • ‘What would be the year-wise roadmap for your fiscal consolidation programme going forward?’
    • ‘The company says it has over 100 per cent year-wise growth.’
    • ‘It recommended that they should set year-wise targets for construction of affordable houses.’
    • ‘A draft of the year-wise budget figured out that some Tk 10.20 billion would be needed to carry out the works.’
    • ‘University teachers fear that with year-wise retirements and lack of fresh recruitment, several streams will not have professors in the coming years.’
    1. 1.1Calculated for or belonging to each of multiple years; year by year.
      ‘the year-wise comparative analysis suggests a decline’
      • ‘He asked about the year-wise details of steps taken during the last five years.’
      • ‘A year-wise comparison of the proportion of active funds beating market benchmarks suggests that active managers have faced such hiccups in beating benchmarks even in the past, only to make a comeback in subsequent years.’
      • ‘The Commission does not maintain year-wise data in this regards.’
      • ‘He had sought year-wise details of the damage caused by forest fires and the loss incurred since the formation of the state.’
      • ‘The report also mentions the year-wise breakdown of the number of cases registered each year.’
      • ‘The Commission has also sought year-wise information for the last three years.’
      • ‘The budget document did not give the year-wise comparisons of performance, targets and achievements of the money spent or not utilised in the last three years.’
      • ‘Year-wise data shows the prevalence rate rising over the past few years.’
      • ‘An explanation for the figures may lie in the breakdown of data on a year-wise basis.’
      • ‘The year-wise distribution of airway accidents showed that number of airway accidents was comparable between the years.’


South Asian
  • 1Each year; annually.

    ‘the cost will keep increasing year-wise’
    • ‘It will be followed by four more phases continuing year-wise till March 2024.’
    • ‘It sought details of payments made month and year-wise.’
    • ‘The party says it will increase the government expenditure year-wise to double the healthcare budget.’
    • ‘Provisions are to be made gradually year-wise.’
    • ‘The proposals should contain details of the number of classes required to be engaged, year-wise or semester-wise, for completing the syllabus of a particular course.’
    • ‘What is the salary of an IRS at the start, and how does it increase year-wise?’
    • ‘The table depicts the percentage increase or decrease year-wise in the gross or total interest payment liability of the State Governments of India.’
    • ‘The timings will change year-wise and according to your time table.’
    • ‘During the latter period it started declining year-wise.’
    • ‘The quality of students is going down year-wise’
    1. 1.1According to year.
      ‘he wanted the reports sorted year-wise’
      • ‘A simple way is to colour code saplings year-wise.’
      • ‘The constituency map of the state helps you drill down to the result for each constituency year-wise.’
      • ‘We've not broken it down year-wise.’
      • ‘The shelves were marked year-wise, with the most recent seizures at the front.’
      • ‘He instructed all of us to sort the documents year-wise.’
      • ‘Most good auto magazines carry a section on this price index year-wise, so that might be a good guide to go by.’
      • ‘Each information commission has been asked to tabulate year-wise the number of case files that have gone missing.’
      • ‘The details are displayed year-wise with one exception.’
      • ‘These can be collected year-wise, nation-wise or theme-wise.’
      • ‘The entire data including income has to be collated and arranged year-wise.’