Definition of year in and year out in English:

year in and year out


  • Continuously or repeatedly over a period of years.

    ‘they rented the same bungalow year in and year out’
    • ‘United have had one or two hiccups which happens because it's hard to continue winning things year in, year out.’
    • ‘Housewives put in the hours and produce the results, year in, year out, yet their graft continues to go unrewarded.’
    • ‘But that didn't change the fact that I was constantly the punch line at roll call, year in, year out.’
    • ‘It is a tradition they pathetically cling to year in, year out, because it takes them - for a short while - back to the days of their ‘carefree’ 20s.’
    • ‘Hunger, for instance, has taken its toll, especially that weather conditions are perpetually agriculturally incapacitating so that it's always poor yields, year in, year out.’
    • ‘While it risks becoming completely irrelevant the moment the holidays have ended, it also has the potential to become a cherished yuletide classic - to be watched without fail, year in, year out.’
    • ‘In most schools it is the same people who take all the teams year in, year out.’
    • ‘DON'T believe the producers of the big drinks brands when they tell us that the ‘beauty of blending’ is that our favourite tipples can thus be consistent and familiar year in, year out.’
    • ‘We are there year in, year out, at all the party conferences, though maybe only two or three people manning the stall.’
    • ‘SIR - When are our local councils, and indeed the Government, going to get to grips with the problem we have year in, year out with the letting off of fireworks weeks before Bonfire Night?’
    repeatedly, again and again, time and again, time and time again, time after time, over and over, over and over again, week in, week out, day in, day out, recurrently, continuously, continually, constantly, habitually, regularly, without a break, persistently, unfailingly, always