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  • 1An annual publication giving current information and listing events or aspects of the previous year, especially in a particular field.

    ‘Yearbook of Physical Anthropology’
    • ‘I recalled how I had gazed dreamily at his picture in the yearbook in the library at school today.’
    • ‘It is the first international edition of his annual hockey yearbook series.’
    • ‘Ask for the private records: the yearbook, the photos, the letters that a source might have.’
    • ‘A total of 10,000 copies of the yearbook will be printed and sent to people in south London and Surrey.’
    • ‘Chamber of commerce yearbooks and annual reports repeated such themes.’
    • ‘Every January, Seed Savers publishes a yearbook that lists all the seeds being maintained by our members.’
    • ‘The yearbook presents a comprehensive picture of Ireland today.’
    • ‘You can't tell the players without a program, and that's where TSN's annual Hockey yearbook comes in.’
    • ‘This is the first international edition of the hockey yearbooks, previous versions of which were devoted to Indian hockey.’
    • ‘All the players are awarded prizes including drinks and GAA yearbooks, with pictures and stories of their heroes.’
    • ‘The yearbook, edited by Tim Butcher, is available from today priced at £14.99.’
    • ‘Hopefully our school kept yearbooks from previous years and maybe even some other schools, so I could find what I was looking for.’
    • ‘I had by 1969 begun to purchase the yearbooks published annually by the Independent Television Authority.’
    • ‘How about five one-year subscriptions to the yearbook itself?’
    • ‘The Laois GAA yearbook is currently on sale at a cost of £6 per copy.’
    • ‘Five nurses are pictured in the 1947 Roswell Air Field yearbook.’
    • ‘The yearbook costs just 6.50 and is available from the GUI offices.’
    • ‘His business partner is now managing director of the company, which produces magazines, yearbooks and diaries.’
    • ‘His offences came to light in January when the club's chairman telephoned him to ask why a £4,000 bill for printing the yearbook had not been paid.’
    • ‘The numbers of transnational and international organizations of different types are given in the statistical tables of the various editions of the UIA yearbook.’
    yearbook, calendar, register, annual, manual, handbook, compendium
    1. 1.1North American A book containing photographs of the senior class in a school or college and details of school activities in the previous year.
      ‘In high school, he was editor of the school's literary magazine and the yearbook.’
      • ‘I learned more about solid page layout in my high school yearbook class than I have since then.’
      • ‘When they listed his activities next his picture in his senior yearbook, the font was made smaller to fit all of it.’
      • ‘Sure enough, hidden in a corner there was a shelf dedicated to the previous school years' yearbooks.’
      • ‘He and apprentice Kristen Kuharik used the phone book and school yearbooks to find names and addresses.’
      • ‘The last high school homecoming week, the last prom, and the best yearbook.’
      • ‘Noah went home that night and looked through his old high school yearbooks, glancing through all the pictures.’
      • ‘They went through the pictures and the yearbooks, recalling old memories and how much fun they had during the four years.’
      • ‘He'd seen my picture from the yearbook, and he later asked me out.’
      • ‘One of the items I lost was the yearbook from Papa's senior year at LTHS.’
      • ‘They were taking a team photo for the senior class yearbook; so all the members of the team were clad in navy colored shirts and shorts.’
      • ‘I closed the hardcover of the yearbook and slipped it back on the book shelf next to the journal that I kept through high school and am still keeping.’
      • ‘Not every high school yearbook has photographs like that.’
      • ‘In most yearbooks, to borrow a line from Paul Simon, ‘all the world's a sunny day.’’
      • ‘In 1971 for Oprah's high school yearbook picture, she sported a really cool flip do and she was voted most popular in her senior yearbook.’
      • ‘Fix your eyes on this stunning snapshot from my senior yearbook.’
      • ‘If you know where your grandfather lived when he was about 18, and if he graduated from public schools, see if the local library has yearbooks from back then.’
      • ‘It is an impressive book, with evidence drawn from newspaper accounts, high school and college yearbooks, guide books, and archival sources.’
      • ‘We were even voted ‘best-friends’ for our senior yearbooks.’
      • ‘Among them: baby books, high school and college yearbooks, playbills for student productions, teacher evaluations, diaries, journals, letters, photos, and videos.’



/ˈyirˌbo͝ok/ /ˈjɪrˌbʊk/