Definition of yearningly in English:



See yearning

‘Her gaze wandered to Christopher almost yearningly, whose attention was preoccupied by Matt.’
  • ‘I am glad to have MITECS on my shelf I glance at its covers yearningly and think to myself: If only I understood all of those 741 entries.’
  • ‘Now history reveals that looking yearningly to America for inspiration in moments of crisis has in fact been a recurrent impulse within Britain's leading groups.’
  • ‘Young girl in a baseball cap, one more of the travelling performers who ask for money, stands beside us for a long time, looking yearningly at our son's crayons and colouring book.’
  • ‘We watch from Feste's point of view, as ‘CESARIO is yearningly aroused - and begins slowly, slowly to turn her head towards ORSINO'S mouth’.’



/ˈyərniNGlē/ /ˈjərnɪŋli/