Definition of yeastily in English:


Pronunciation /ˈyēstəlē/


See yeasty

‘Roseation, spreading, yeastily beering up, the white soft legs and the golden hair.’
  • ‘Wheat beers are often described as ‘white’ in Belgium, Germany and elsewhere, possibly because the head formed is unusually pale, or perhaps because they are traditionally served yeastily cloudy.’
  • ‘On Saturday mornings, mum would make bread in her enormous white ceramic mixing bowl leaving it, topped with a fresh tea towel on the central heat register to rise yeastily.’
  • ‘For a long time an idea had been stirring and spreading, yeastily, in his mind.’
  • ‘They dance zealously and yeastily to their tuneful folksongs.’
  • ‘It's smell is hoppy and yeastily spicy, with notes of caramel and citrusy, pineapple fruit.’
  • ‘Aelfred, Bede, and Beowulf are thoroughly covered, sprinkled yeastily throughout the text.’
  • ‘Yet the idea of something dripping with grease or yeastily puffed doesn't seem quite right either.’