Definition of yellow-bellied in English:



See yellow-belly

‘Baboons can kill a leopard - I am sure a yellow-bellied coward should be no problem.’
  • ‘I won't tell you what I think about the yellow-bellied, spineless, poor excuse for a man.’
  • ‘A yellow-bellied coward who hides behind the Pack for protection -’
  • ‘Only a yellow-bellied coward like you would need to gather a gang of six lackeys just to take me on.’
  • ‘Do you know what that yellow-bellied chicken-lover did?’
  • ‘Jerry wants Rocky to die a slithering, wailing, yellow-bellied coward.’
  • ‘No doubt he is just a yellow-bellied coward who simply wanted to have his letter published.’
  • ‘The cowardly cyber-stalkers and other anonymous yellow-bellied hate-mongers who lurk on the Internet, preying on decent folks, can jolly well lump it.’
  • ‘Fortunately, for all of the yellow-bellied milquetoasts that aren't able to find the directions to Canada, Mr. Benjamin offers some useful suggestions in how to prepare for inevitable conscription: a) Free your mind.’
  • ‘So and so's research indicates that even a small rise in temperature might be disastrous to the yellow-bellied sap-sucker of the upper Zambesi.’
  • ‘Generalising about the yellow-bellied nature of the paella-eaters is very tempting but people have very mixed, contradictory reasons for voting, and maybe the war and last week's bomb was just one of them.’
  • ‘Or, as one yellow-bellied wag in Dublin 3 said: ‘For Carlow it's the road from Croker.’’
  • ‘Here he plays Charlie, a yellow-bellied mob lawyer, who hooks up with a cutthroat businessman, Vic (Billy Bob Thornton).’
  • ‘It is at these moments that I have time to appreciate what nature has bestowed on us in normalities such as the shapes that trees form against the horizon or the dignity of a yellow-bellied cloud against the grey sky.’
  • ‘Significant mammal records include the yellow-bellied weasel and the crab-eating mongoose, both regarded as rare and in need of conservation.’
  • ‘So now I'm seen as yellow-bellied, a scaredy cat, and I'm going to have to make a huge gesture to prove otherwise.’
  • ‘You see that I have no need to hide my name out of shame or some revolting paltry yellow-bellied fear of reprisal from my employers.’
  • ‘Mammals with similar elasticity patterns are often not related; reindeer and yellow-bellied marmots have different vital rates, but nearly identical summe d elasticities.’
  • ‘Other bahiae specimens reported in the literature (but not examined by me) were apparently yellow-bellied, including the type specimen from ‘Bahia’ in the Berlepsch collection.’
  • ‘Don't call me names, you foul, yellow-bellied, petty sneak.’



/ˈyelōˌbelēd/ /ˈjɛloʊˌbɛlid/